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To provide an in depth knowledge of the detailed procedures and documentation involved in cost ascertainment systems. To understand the concepts of Financial Management and its application for managerial decision making.

Learning Aims

The syllabus aims to test the student’s ability to:

  • Understand the cost and management accounting techniques for evaluation, analysis and application in managerial decision making;
  • Compare and contrast marginal and absorption costing methods in respect of profit reporting;
  • Apply marginal and absorption costing approaches in job, batch and process environments;
  • Prepare and interpret budgets and standard costs and variance statements;
  • Identify and apply the concepts of Financial Management

Section A : Cost & Management Accounting 50%

  • Cost and Management Accounting – Introduction
  • Decision Making Tools
  • Budgeting and Budgetary Control
  • Standard Costing and Variance Analysis
  • Learning Curve

Section B : Financial Management 50%

  • Introduction to Financial Management
  • Tools for Financial Analysis and Planning
  • Working Capital Management
  • Cost of Capital, Capital Structure Theories, Dividend Decisions and Leverage Analysis
  • Capital Budgeting – Investment Decisions
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