Paper 9

Paper 9

Paper 9 : Operations Management & Strategic Management (OMSM)


To provide an in depth study of the various business process, analyze operations, production planning and strategic management.

Learning Aims

The syllabus aims to test the student’s ability to:

  • Understand the business process and analyze the operations
  • Acquire knowledge of production planning and resource management
  • Understand the concept of Corporate Vision – Mission and Objectives
  • Understand the concept of SWOT and Portfolio Analysis
  • Understand the different stages in strategy formulation process
  • Understand the concept of Strategic Business Unit and Business Process re-enginnering

Section A : Operations Management 70%

  • Operations Management – Introduction
  • Operations Planning
  • Designing of Operational Systems and control
  • Production Planning and control
  • Productivity management and quality management
  • Project Management
  • Economics of Maintenance and Spares management

Section B : Strategic Management 30%

  • Strategic Management Introduction
  • Strategic Analysis and Strategic Planning
  • Formulation and Implementation of Strategy